100 g hair removal wax block


Main ingredients: turpentine, coconut oil, mineral oil, etc
Product packaging: 100g / piece
Single branch size: 14cm long and 5cm wide
Color classification: orange, rose, honey, lavender, strawberry, etc
Applicable environment: the wax bottle is made of high temperature PP material, which is resistant to high temperature. It can be put into microwave oven for heating or several standard 100g wax machines on the market.
Usage: pull out the seal slightly, then put the wax into a special wax machine or microwave oven for heating. After the depilated wax is heated to liquid state, turn the container upside down to make the liquid wax from the wax nozzle
Flow out, evenly apply wax layer on the skin to be depilated along with the rolling of the roller, stick the depilation paper at last, and tear it off quickly against the direction of the hair to effectively depilate.