Air Layer Neck Memory Pillow

White x Eye mask
White2pcs x Eye mask
White3pcs x Eye mask
Bamboo fiber 60x35cm
Pillow case
2xPillow case60x35
Pillow case60x35
Milky white bag

1. According to the ergonomic design, the head and neck curve is made to effectively decompose the pressure.
2. Temperature sense memory function, no pressure, make the blood flow.
3. High neck cushion, low pillow, moderate hardness, providing good support for the head and neck.
4. Quality raw material use and advanced processing technology, product quality and safety.
5. Butterfly design memory shape pillow neck protection slow memory foam pillow health orthopedic care cervical vertebra neck foam pillow

1. When you receive the product, there will still be some odor. It is the natural gas smell of the raw material. It only needs to be placed in a ventilated place and the smell will disappear.
2. The memory foam cannot be washed and cannot be exposed to the sun.
3. When washing the pillowcase, place the pillow core in a well-ventilated place for a few hours.

Jacket material: cotton
Material: cotton + memory foam
Pattern: plain
Style: simple and modern
Size: 50*30*10/6
Basic models: length 50*width 30*height 10/6cm
Color classification: white milky white beige
Filling: Memory Cotton
Pillow pillow type: cushion cover/pillowcase

Package Contents:
1 x foam pillow memory