Four Knobs Trigger Point Massage Roller by Sparkycare


New Upgraded 4 Knobs Trigger Point Massage Roller! 

1. Relieve muscle pain, apply pressure to release fatigue-four soft and strong silicone balls can help relax tight muscles and focus on the main trigger points. You can press, squeeze and knead your neck, shoulders, or legs to relieve tightness, stiffness, and muscle aches.

2. Lightweight and portable-this shoulder massager weighs only 310 grams and is light in weight. Whether you take it with you at home, in the car, on a business trip, or on a journey, you can start enjoying your own customized personalized deep tissue massage. You will feel refreshed in just five minutes.

3. Ergonomic handle double-head design-ergonomic handle design, easy to master the direction and strength of the massage, comfortable control. The double instant trigger point massage ball design feels like a masseur's hand penetrates into the muscles to relieve pain

4. Brand new upgrade, four massage heads, the massage heads can be disassembled and installed, giving you a new comfortable and beautiful massage experience. 5. Two colors: blue and pink.

Package Includes:

1*Neck massager

Material: Environmentally friendly TPR+silicone