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Gentle Scalp Massager by Sparkycare

Gentle Scalp Massager by Sparkycare

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Product Name: Octopus Head Massager / Threaded Stainless Steel Massager
Product number: yphc-81702
Product Information: [Single Size] Full Length: 22CM [Item Weight] 0.022 kg

 This product is a head massager with a beautiful appearance. By stimulating and massaging the various points on the head of the human body. It can help you recover quickly from fatigue, eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, and promote blood circulation. It is an ideal health care product and advertising gift.
1. Unique design. Deep inside the hair makes the entire head extremely comfortable, and the daily massage head makes it easy to have beautiful hair.

2, the massage tentacles, you can massage the head points. It relieves fatigue, has the effect of refreshing the brain, fixing the roots and preventing diseases.


  When using, hold the handle of the massager, place the massager on the top of the head, cover the head, and then move the massager up and down.

The user produces a very high level of comfort, can play the role of massage the acupuncture points on the head, health care brain, slow down fatigue, eyesight, brain refreshing, hurricane, solid hair root, disease prevention and disease
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