Legs & Arms Trigger Point Massage Roller


Provides trigger point therapy and stimulating massage to apply pressure around sore muscle knots and tension, which can effectively help relieve pain and ease discomfort, promote blood circulation throughout the entire body for enhanced health.

2. Anti-break elastic support can massage the leg circumference up to 60cm, the anti-slip handles can enable secure and comfortable grips without dropping off.

3. Evenly arranged 5 wheel rollers enhanced by high-density 3D points can deliver life-stimulation massage, can be widely applied on different body parts, like legs, arms, waist, neck, and more.

4. Lightweight and portable design, no heavy metal elements contained, a practical tool to do self-massage both indoors and outdoors, excellent for a variety of training and rehabilitation exercises.

5. Made by high-quality ABS material, durable for long time use, ideal for sedentary office workers, students, drivers and etc.



3D floating-point design, bionic finger massage floating point
Flexible stand, adjustable width
Stimulate blood circulation, relax your body and make the skin smoother.

Product category: Massager
Color: blue, purple, pink
Applicable scenes: fitness equipment, sports trends, fitness body, extreme challenges, health massage, dance sports

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