Waist Air Traction Brace Belt Spinal Lumbar Support Back


This product has a traction effect on the lumbar spine and has the effect of reducing pressure on the injured waist. By the principle of mechanical force and reaction.
Massage inflatable belt, English box massage belt
Lumbar protective belt magnetic massage belt

Power supply: no
Control mode: mechanical
Massage principle: pneumatic magnet traction support waist
Number of massage heads:4 and below
Applicable population: general

How to use:
1. Wear it directly to the waist, or just on the surface of your underwear.
2. Tighten the inflatable ball and belt and squeeze the inflatable ball. Inflate your belt until you feel comfortable using it.
3. The wearing time is usually 30 minutes, which can be increased or decreased according to each person's situation.
4 after use, open the gas valve and press the valve core to release the gas inside

Packing Content:
1 /OPP bag/box
27*20.5* 8.5cm (Chinese box for foreign trade)
1 x Belt